Appearantly, according the good lad Josh, there are many different levels of jackets and coats, depending on the weather. I will try my best to describe them here…

  1. light sweater…in the 50’s
  2. sweater…49-52
  3. light jacket…mid 40’s
  4. jacket…low 40’s
  5. light coat…high 30’s
  6. coat…30’s and below

I don’t think this is completely accurate. I think that those wacky Nebraskonians are actually dressing more like this….

  1. shorts and sandals…in the 40’s
  2. pants and tshirt…in the 30’s
  3. light sweater, possibly shorts…in the 20’s
  4. sweater, pants…in the 10’s
  5. light jacket…0’s
  6. jacket…-10’s
  7. light coat…-20’s
  8. coat…-30’s and colder

    I’ve heard that even at ice station zebra, they roll out wearing nothing more than a pair of khaki’s and pull over. Those wacky Nebraskonians…

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