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It’s too hot

Current temp at El Casa is currently 105 degrees. That is in the fareheit measuring system for those of you in the states. Everyone else, that means it’s 40.5C. Pretty toasty for mid-May, especially when earlier this week it was windy, drizzling and temps were in the 50’s/10’s.

So, it’s a bit warm to be outside. And gas is a bit expensive to do any motoring (not to mention my dwindling checking account balance). It all works out because I had a bit of a brainstorm/idea.

Earlier this week Jason Calacanis posted something intersting in his twitter that I decided to check out. After checking it is when my brainstorm actually happened.

So I made this.

I’ve had a few very positive comments about it so I’ve decided to do a series of them.

Comments/feedback are always welcome.

The format will change slightly. I’ve been looking for a different app to create the video so I will be able to make it in a size that is more manageable, not to mention downloadable.

4 replies on “It’s too hot”

wowsa. A balmy 80 all weekend here. This week it may it upper 80s, low 90’s maybe. But we might get a snow storm too who can ever say, LOL.

105 in may?!? The real summer time gonna be the suck for you CA’ans πŸ™‚

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