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I’ve been having political issues of late. Mostly with my parties current front runner Howard Dean

I don’t like what he says or how he says it. Just don’t.

Now, tonight I’m checking out server logs and guess what I find? Oh yea, my logs were spammed by 4 different presidential websites:
~howard dean
~dick gephardt

I refuse to link or fill in their full address so that they get free google juice. anyway

So now, besides the normal crap for paris hilton and other f’ed up porn sites, I now have to deal with this? And these people are expecting my vote of any kind?

Are these f’ing politians that f’ing desparate to resort to these kinds of tactics? Really? Log spam? C’mon gang, why not just send email to every email address in the US? Plaster your information on every major newspaper? Do something really stupid so you can get on TV. Oh wait….

Anyway, if any of you dumbasses, or your tardbot* webmasters, are reading this, stop it. I don’t want what you are selling.

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