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Greetings fine and good looking reader of my website; I know it has been a while since you’ve been here. As it turns out, I’m going to be giving you less of a reason in the immediate future. But thanks for coming by today (and for checking out the soup recipe going up later).

I Hate Facebook

I originally wrote a few words about why I actually don’t like Facebook. Then I realized that the average person visiting this page, like yourself, just doesn’t give a shit.

To keep this long story short, going forward, I will not be sharing posts from or on the Facebook. I understand this is turning away tens of my fans but it is something that I really think I need to do.

Do you want to keep up? Click over to the subscribe page to follow via email, Twitter or old school RSS. I’m going to be putting a similar page at dbmini, complete with a post just like this one!

Technically speaking, I have made a few other changes to my sites. Comments are open below if you are interested in the details!

But, honestly, read this or this and tell me you are still comfortable using Facebook. And don’t blame me for the nightmares, those are two of the most brutal accounts of anything that I have ever read.

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    1. I honestly think there are about 5 of you guys that are still using RSS. Besides me, of course. Add the 3 email subscribers and maybe a Twitter user or two and #boom! Tens of fans. lol.

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