It’s No Longer Cool to Hate


Looking back at last week when the new Instagram was released, you would have thought there was a roving band of baddies killing kittens and tripping old people. Go back a few months before that when everyone had cats about the map app included with iOS. And, and, and. It’s a never ending stream of hate.

Look at the comments for a review of any Apple product. Look at the comments for a review of any Android phone. Closer to my home, look at comments about any new MINI product. Or any YouTube video comment.

When did it become cool to hate?

I’m the biggest cynic out there, I really am. But even still I think that people aren’t as mean spirited and hateful as they appear to be online. Did I miss a memo that said the cool kids only hate/complain? I get it. It feels good when you are part of the majority. Everyone wants to be a part of the winning team. Everyone wants to be a cool kid, or get upgraded to the adults table. I get it.

It’s time to turn things around. Time to change the majority. Time to go back to “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Don’t Say Anything At All”. Time to let all y’all know that it is no longer cool to hate.

You should be different. See the plus side in everything. Remember that the world isn’t going to end because your telephone won’t tell you when the next bus comes. Remember that half of the East Coast was washed away, yet you continue to be bent about losing a filter. Or a change to Facebook. Or a car that doesn’t make sense to you.

I’m hear to proclaim to you, right here, right now, that it is no longer cool to hate. You are smarter than that, you are better than that and gosh darn it people like you. It’s time the cool kids showed that they were smart and responsible adults that know what is important and know what to burn cycles on. Complaining about phone apps, web services or anything else that you can think of is not only unproductive, but it’s also unattractive and makes you look dumb.

You don’t want to look dumb, do you?

It’s no longer cool to hate. Pass it on.

By Don

Lead bottle washer at, host at and tech guru for the MotoringFile family of sites.


  1. I have to agree! I will be the first to admit I catch myself doing this every so often, but am definitely actively trying to not do this!

  2. I completely agree, and hope more people take this to heart. Lately especially, I’ve been trying to choke off “rage posts” before starting to type. I say to myself, “I need less hate and anger in my life”, and then let it go and move on. It shouldn’t be “trendy” to hate.

  3. Well put, DB!

    Internet culture hasn’t quite learned yet that there’s a big difference between thoughtful criticism and cynical bad-mouthing. In Comment Land, if you’re not shitting on something, then you’re “not being objective” and obviously in the pocket of whatever you’d dare to like. I’m SO tired of the whole self-entitled culture of people who think that just because something doesn’t suit them, it’s unsuitable for all. And worse, that no one can ever speak well of something or someone from a place of integrity. I call bullshit on that.

    The flip side of this, I think, is an encouragement to the people out there who not simply dare to be positive and hopeful, but who dare to get excited and make things. To the makers out there, don’t listen to the haters. Somebody’s gonna hate everything. Ignore that person. They’re not adding anything to the world and they’re vitriol isn’t even about you or the thing you made anyway.

    I also think that hardcore fanboy-ism (and by extension the automatic hate of “the other guy”) is ultimately bad for whatever you’re a fan of. It stifles creativity and innovation and it paints the competition in an unrealistic light. For example, neither Google nor Microsoft will be properly competitive with Apple so long as they believe that only unthinking, blind fanboys and fangirls buy Apple products. By pretending that Apple doesn’t have anything of substance to offer, they miss key strategic insights that would help them actually be competitive.

    So yeah, don’t hate. In my experience, enthusiasm + effort + kindness = luck.

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