It was 14 years ago…

St. Patricks Day, 1992. It’s the last time it landed on a Friday AND I was working in restaurants. My first as a kitchen manager to boot! I remember it like it was….

Oh, who the hell am I kidding. I don’t remember a damned thing about it!

Ok, I do rememeber some things. It was busy. I made up about the best batch of corned beef ever. I think the restaurant I was at (Carlos Murphy’s, mostly mexican with the Irish last name) did about $40K that day. Probably because we were across the street from HP and around the block from Apple. It was rockin’.

Did you know that St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo both land on the same day of the week? Go ahead, check it. When you spend over 15 years in the restaurant business, that is one of the odd things you notice. Especially when your restaurant IS a Mexican restaurant WITH an Irish last name.

Yes, it was busy on Cinco de Mayo too. It was rockin’.

By Don

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  1. My brother married his now ex on cinco de mayo and she asked me is it always was on the 5th of May. Perhaps my bro should have seen that as a sign. Anyway thinking of 1992 makes me feel old, that is the year I graduated High School. What people that work with food notice weird things? Is that my problem?

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