It shouldn’t be too surprising

I have to give it to Verizon Wireless. They actually have quite an expansive Twitter presence that provides quality help and information to all that follow. Of course, with a fair bit of marketing spin and promotional materials/links too, but that’s expected. They let their Twitter folks post what they like (it would seem), so they aren’t a complete and total bore to follow.

That said, I think they might be keeping them on the short end of the information leash. This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten a response like this from them. Shocking? It was, but not really.

You see, VZW is a *huge* company. Like massive. And, since it is a spin off of the company that sprang from Ma Bell’s loin’s herself, there is still a little bit of what the kids like to call bureaucracy. And everyone know the best way for information to *not* get passed around is to turn it loose in a bureaucracy, right?

Not familiar with the Nexus One, not familiar with the HTC Incredible (idiot name, but that’s for another post), not all that up on Blackberry stuff either. Of course, this particular person is a just marketing wag…oh, wait.

I guess my point here is this. Just because a company has a Twitter/Facebook/Orkut/Pornhub presence doesn’t necessarily mean they are truly plugged in to what is going on out here in the wild west known as the Internet. I would even go so far as to guess that most Corporate Twitter Users don’t have access to sources like Engadget, Gizmodo, BGR or Crackberry. Most likely blocked by the neck bearded admins who think sites like those will crash their Novell Networks and make IE6 do crazy shit.

I’m just saying.

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