It must be Christmas

Tree is up. Lad is wearing new PJ’s, fire in the fireplace.

Oh yea, presents stolen from under the tree and money taken from the house.

Yea, is this mothing fucking holiday over yet? I’m ready to go home.

And this one was turning out to actually be, if not slightly, better than the last. Then this crap happened. As an added bonus I get to spend the day with my family. Did I mention the actual tonage of gifts under their tree? Yea. Makes it kinda hard to compete. Oh yea, and the lad’s 1 big gift that I ordered on December 1st hasn’t arrived. This is another that I am going to add to the list of ‘this-is-really-still-a-holiday?’.

But hey, at least my car starts. At least it did today, but I’m sure this is jinxing it somehow.

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