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It happened again

This time, with teh lad.

We had both gotten our hair cut and he decided we should stop for Starbucks. I agreed and made it happen as I was the one driving. Not that he is driving yet, but I wanted to be clear.

So, we roll into the parking lot. New Wine Bar/Restaurant has recently opened called D’Canters. I thought it was clever too and for that reason they will get my business one day.

Into Starbucks we go. In line behind, and I’m really sorry to say this, the largest woman I have ever seen standing. And, she was talking. And asking very many questions.

About 5 minutes into this the girl that was actually making coffee got bored and asked teh lad and I what we wanted. We gave her our drink order and she made them. Meanwhile, we are still standing behind giagantor who, at this point, must be trying to get information about opening her very own Starbucks.

While we stood there I wanted our drinks get made. Then, set on the counter where the register was. But, alas, all we could do was stare, longingly, at our drinks. We were still waiting for this woman to order her coffee.

Finally, after being in the store for 15 minutes, we managed to get our drinks, pay for them and get out.

Before you start goin’ all hater on the fat woman, let me give you a little behind the scenes.

While we stood in line waiting for her highness to order her drinks (oh yea, dickwad in the corner wanted DECAF, and he was quite a prick about it), I counted no less than 4 employees. There was our girl dealing with order from hell, there was the girl that made our drinks, there was another that I think was working the drivethru (which was empty) and another working the coffee machine for the drivethru (which was empty). Oh yea, and the dude that took out the trash. So, make that 5 employees. And only 2 were doing anything.

Don’t suppose the girl working the drivethru register could have come over and taken our money do you? Probably not for fear that her boss would get upset because the drive thru counts would be off. That leaves us with 3. Obviously the girls making coffee couldn’t take our money since a cash drawer was not assigned to either of them. That leaves 1, the mouth breathing punk taking out the trash. I had a hard time imagining him tying his own shoes so I’m sure something as complicated as a touch screen POS system that, no kidding, retarded people working at McDonald’s can use would be a bit of a challenge.

Of course props to our girl (that I have seen in another location before, and she isn’t a slacker) for getting our order made so quickly. Not her fault that teh lad’s blended mug-of-too-sweet-to-drink was practically melted by the time we paid for it.

The moral of our story. Well, I don’t really have one. But, it is trips to Starbucks like this that don’t leave me wondering what’s wrong with them. Even a little bit. It’s time we got our collective shit together Starbucks management and figure out how to take care of your customers.

And, to those of you that are difficult orderers, honest to fucking god, stop. There is no reason, none, for you to take more than 15 minutes to order 2 cups of coffee. NONE! Stop it already.

4 replies on “It happened again”

You, db, are a hater! πŸ˜‰

Ok, I have to wonder about how the woman who was ordering felt to have to stop while the person in line behind her was helped? While I firmly think that more than a few seconds to order a cup of joe is our of the question, nothing annoys me more than someone taking a phone call or chatting with the person behind me in line when *I* am the one who should get all their attention.

So, for future reference, those of you in the customer service business, give you customer your undivided attention — no phone calls (most assuredly to your babies’ daddy — yes, that happened) and no chatting up the cute guy behind me in line.

But for you db, the drive-thru lady should have come over to help you out. Just in case you were wondering.

There are others but they suck and they aren’t as prevalent.

Move to PDX? Not a bad idea except I like sunshine πŸ˜‰

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