It happened again

For the first time in months I actually am out of the house doing work for which I’m getting paid. And my phone rings at 3:30.

It was the lad, calling to ask where I was and to let me know my house was fucking broken into again!!!

I’m sooooo fucking mad I can’t even see straight.

After they tossed his room pretty good, they left with his laptop (no power cord, so it’s pretty much useless), change cup and small safe that didn’t have anything in it.

After they rifled through my desk and realized that there wasn’t anything there (luckily, I had all of my small electrics with me), they went into my bedroom, scooped about $4 in coins off my bed and took my lock box.

That contained my passport and social security card.

Nothing has been touched and I’m waiting now for the sherriff’s to return my call.

More as it becomes available. I have to check for anything else that might be missing.

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By Don

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  1. Dude. If they tried to steal your grandfather’s camera, you’d find them lying in the yard with a broken back. My arms get sore just looking at the pictures of that thing.

  2. Used to be a time when druggies weren’t my next door neighbours and these kinds of things never happened.

    time for new neighbors.

  3. Leads? HA!

    I filed a report with the Sheriff’s dept _over the phone_, but I have a feeling who it is, which I included in my report.

    They don’t make a stop for this kind of thing unless a weapon is involved. And while my lock box over the head would hurt someone pretty well, it’s not so much a weapon.

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