It can always be worse

Besides myself and John, I’m not sure if any of you are Studio 60 watchers.

At the very end of the last episode…

The show goes bad. Very very bad. The Prop master union goes on strike before the show, taking the cue card guys with them. Chaos ensues. Allison Janey, playing herself as guest host, gets the brunt of all the eff ups.

The show ends with Allison saying thank you when a German Shephard (that only speaks German) starts sniffing her crotch, at which point she just starts going crazy.

Allison: Insert crazy, arm flailing rant here.
Cal (in the control room): I turned off your mic after you said that’s our show, now you are just coming off as a mad woman. I’m turning you on in the control room. If you can hear me, say thank you.
A: :ugh: Thank you
C: It was a very bad show tonight. I mean classically bad.
A: Thank you
C: But it still beats digging a hole for a living, right?
A: :sigh: giggle
C: Tell me you didn’t have the time of your life tonight.
A: Thank you!

So, when it ever gets really really bad. I mean really. Just keep in mind that somehow, some way, it could always be worse. Words to live by my friends. Words to live by.

This one was free. Next time I’m going to make you pony up to contribute to the lads xbox360 fund.

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  1. The Queen and I were talking about this the other day – Does Aaron Sorkin like to write for anybody other than West Wing alums anymore?

    It was a good show, but sometimes I think the circle of folks he writes for is getting smaller…

  2. It does kind of seem that way doesn’t it.

    It’s still a good show. Maybe the next one won’t be The West Wing v3.0

  3. I found it interesting that three of the primary actors/characters (Perry, Peet and Whitford) were not involved in the show this week.

    I’ve been a Sorkin fan since “Sports Night” in ’98 and its just so frustrating when quality shows like this get cancelled. At least Sports Night ran two seasons. I just don’t understand why Studio 60 has failed. I’ll miss it when the season is over.


  4. Ratings ratings ratings. Poor placement doomed Studio 60 from the get-go I think. This is a show that should have held the same spot as the West Wing (Thursday at 9 before ER). There, this show could have done very well I think. Or, at least better than it did.

  5. I’m pretty ticked that Studio 60 didn’t do better. IMO it’s one of the smartest shows on TV, even if it does take place in L.A. :p

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