Is it Spam?

I’m doing work for a few people right now. Big on their list of tools for thier business is Email Marketing, and for the most part, they run very successful campaigns.

But is it Spam?

How many times has this happened to you.

  1. You sign up for an email newsletter
  2. You get the email newsletter and enjoy it
  3. The email newsletter calls you a bad name or looks at you funny
  4. You break up with the email newsletter, but can’t find the unsubscribe link
  5. You mark the email newsletter as spam (You’ll show it who’s boss!)
  6. Email newsletter makes pleas and begs to come back into your inbox
  7. You have to issue a restraining order against the email newsletter
  8. You start getting calls from email newsletters friends and family, asking why you broke up
  9. You move to a new state, change ISPs and email providers.
  10. You now live in a rock on top of a mountain leeching wifi from the waste processing plant, but you are no longer seeing email newsletter. Break-up complete!

But really, you signed up for it? Is it right to mark it as Spam? It really isn’t, is it?

I’ve noticed that anytime I sign up for something via email they are almost always really good about including an unsubscribe link. When I no longer want the newsletter, I use that link to unsubscribe. I figure it’s the least I can before blasting them into Spam oblivion across multiple email providers.

Now, if after 2 weeks I’m still getting email from them, they get the Spam treatment. Fuckers.

By Don

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  1. Well the new term as of last year is bacn. That’s stuff that you signed up for at one point but don’t really care about or want anymore.

    But I’d say it’s A) Spam and B) illegal under the CANSPAM act.

    Not only does your client need to include an unsubscribe that works – but they also have to include their phone number and physical address in the body of the e-mail. I beleive that you have two weeks after receiving an unsubcribe request to make the e-mails stop.

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