iPhone predictions

Only a few more hours until droves of slobbering Mac fans will be able to get their hands on what is, without a doubt, the most hyped anything ever created.

I thought I would go ahead and jump the gun and make some predictions. I’m sure none of them will be close, but it was fun for me to do.

  • Until a flaver of Linux is installed: 3 days
  • Until one is completely dismantled, dismantling process displayed online: 1 day. DONE! check it (thanks Chuck!)
  • Running Windows: 10 days
  • Hacked to work without an AT&T phone account: 7 days
  • Hacked to work without iTunes: 5 days
  • Complaints about scratching showing up on digg.com, front or back: no later than 9PM, PST, 06-29-07
  • Complaints about the keyboard showing up on digg.com: 6:05PM, 06-29-07
  • Complaints about battery life, non-removal or anything else battery related showing up on digg.com: 1 day
  • Complaints about non-functioning sensors or dark screens: 2 days – Reported on Aug 10 here, users with touch screen problems
  • Hacked to work with other GSM cell providers: 10 days

This, of course, does not count the true haters that are already criticizing the iPhone for not working on Verizon or Sprint, or having slower internet access speeds* over the ATT network or complaining that it is too expensive or that they can’t pass the credit check or whatever the haters complain about.

And, of course, I won’t be getting one. I’m going to hold out until the wide-screen iPod comes out that does everything this thing does, but without the phone functions. You couldn’t pay me to be an AT&T wireless customer again!

*Just read this over at Engadget about a boost in the EVDO speeds. Interesting.

By Don

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  1. We have two guys here who have taken the day off to go stand in line. As of 10am this morning there were 6 people at one of the AT&T stores.

    I think it looks great but, like you, I’ll wait until it’s a media player only, I don’t care about it being a phone.

    But the big news this week is surely the return of the Spice Girls??

  2. Great list!

    I was given the “a-ok” by my wife last night to get the phone. I’m with T-Mobile but my plan ends at the end of the summer. I’m tempted to wait a while to see what complaints arise- but, when I drove by the nearby AT&T store here in Atlanta there wasn’t anyone outside (guess the 94 degree weather helps).

    I’m on the fence though…I’m concerned about the battery. I’m less concerned about the service since I think it would be cingular GSM towers (which I think partner with T- Mobile) and I’ve had solid reception on my Nokia.

  3. Oh, I guess I did put in a double item there. I’ll fix that. But, with the dismantling already done, it won’t be long until someone tries a TMobile sim in there.

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