iPhone 4s Security and Sounds

I was reading on the internet last week about a problem with Siri and security. It got me to thinking about not only Siri, but also the Camera. Both of these functions are accessible from the lock screen now and both will provide access to your phone unless you take an easy step to correct it.

From the lock screen, if you double press the home button (under iOS5), you can activate the camera. After you take a photo or video and press the home button again, the default action is to return to the main home screen, efectively by-passing the lock screen. With Siri, the same thing happens except you long press the home button, ask Siri to do her thing and press the home button to stop. Default action is to again return to the home screen.

Unless you have a password on your lock screen. To set that, go into Settings –> General –> Passcode Lock.

Take a photo and pressing home will prompt you to enter your password before continuing to the home screen. Sweet. But what about Siri? If your phone is locked with a password, try to ask her to take you home or to locate a person. Siri will let you know, quite politely, that location services aren’t available while the phone is locked. Rad. You can also set Siri to not work from the lock screen when your iPhone is locked. Double Rad.

Another neat feature that I just discovered is the amount of intelligence that is built into the headphone jack. If I connect the aux port cable from my MINI to my iPhone, it knows to set the volume to full, even if the phone is on mute. If I plug in a headset (I haven’t tried multiples yet), then it remembers the volume level that was set before I disconnected the set. I don’t know if this is new with iOS 5 or not, but it’s a pretty neat feature.

I’m a bit more than week into using the iPhone and other than notifications, I have zero complaints. I keep hearing about users that are experiencing bad battery life which completely baffles me. For my use (light to moderate apps and camera), my shortest amount of time before having to get juice has been 12 hours. My longest was this past Sunday where I went from 3a until 10p without plugging in. That’s 19 hours and I **still** wasn’t getting the low battery notification. Granted, I didn’t do much short of a few text messages and Four Square checkins. This is still twice as long as the Dinc would have gone under the same useage.

So far, still very impressed. Comments are open if you have any questions.

By Don

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  1. The iPhone headset has a chip in it that identifies it uniquely to the phone. There was a big kerfuffle about that a while back. All “standard” cables (earbuds, aux jacks, etc.) use the same previous-value.

    Setting a password (preferably a non-4-digit one) is the FIRST thing you should do. These phones contain a lot of personal information!

  2. I was going to say what blalor said. There was the typical (knee) jerk reaction when a chip was discovered in the headset. All sorts of speculation that Apple’s walled garden was going to lock you into just using the white ear buds when actually it was to enable a neat feature that normal people actually appreciate!

  3. I have yet to use the white ear buds since they fall out of my ears. I’m using a set I picked up from Fry’s electronics (forgot the brand) that will work for me, for now.

    I personally think that’s a cool feature. I was all, “whoa”, and my phone was all “I know, right?” and I was all “whoa” again.

    1. Aside from being white and obvious, the fit really is awful. In order to make them useful, I applied a packet of Sugru and formed a blob of the stuff to hold it in my ear. Sort of a DIY custom molded ear piece. It’s not perfect, but at least I can use the headset, now.

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