I had my first visit with a personal trainer on Sunday. Of course it was a sales pitch for services that my unemployed-ness dictate I can’t afford, but I was hoping to at least learn a few things and maybe get my workout kicked up a notch.

As I type this, my arms are pretty sore. But that good sore. The one that tells you that you have actually done something. The one that makes things look different in a couple of days.

All because I changed my intensity.

Intensity is such a fancy word. Let’s change that to **work harder** and see how it reads.

All because I worked harder.

There, that’s more like it.

I work pretty hard. But if my trip to the gym on Sunday is any indication, I don’t work hard enough. If it’s something that you like, something that you are trying to be good at, then it should hurt, if only just a little bit, right?

Like I said, I work pretty hard. But starting this week, I am going to try to work a little bit harder.

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