I’m tired

I am. Really.

I’m tired of completing the same task more than one time because others feel the need to make minor changes that really don’t effect anything.

I’m tired of *babysitting*. Not real babysitting mind you, which I actually enjoy. It’s the constant hand holding and reminding of adults that are too lazy to learn anything on their own or complete assigned tasks on time that I’m tired of.

I’m still tired of being a nice guy. I did try to not be a nice guy, lasted about a week and it ruined my weekend.

I’m tired of Christmas already, and there are still 15 more days until it’s over.

I’m tired of hearing the same crappy music on the radio.

I’m tired of my commute and equally frustrated that I can not afford to more closer to work.

I’m tired of doing dishes.

I’m tired of being tired.

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