I’m starting to hate computers

he says as he types this out on a HP Pavilion media center

Video sucks.

Ok, maybe that is a little harsh. How about video sucks on Windows or on a slow Mac?

I’ve been working on this practically all week. I’ve got the files encoded as .dv and as .wmv. I tried to do this on the Mac, but it just takes way to long. At least it finishes.

In Windows Movie Maker, the files will only save to about 30% and then it stops saying there isn’t enough hard drive space. What? I have 45GB of space available and you are only making a file that is 125MB in size. Double you tee eff windows?

Searching finds it might be a memory issue. Or a problem with the source files. Or a codec problem. Or a video problem. Or an incompatibility problem. You get the drift. At least I don’t feel bad in that there are others having this same exact problem, yet there isn’t a fix that works.

So (and this I dread) I am going to take the videos home and work on them there. Slow as my Mac is, I will get it done. Just so long as I can convince my grandfather that it’s ok if I take the external hard drive home to work on these. He’ll hate it not happening here, to the point that he was almost going to make us go up and buy a Mac (Grandma talked him out of it).

Time for some suggestions from the home audience. Honestly, will a 20″ iMac (the good one) be noticably faster than the MacBook? Or should I look at getting a Windows box for this? Or use Final Cut? HELP!

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  1. I do all my encoding using tmpgenc (the pay version not the free one) on windows, you can set up all kinds of parameters and, most usefully, batch them all up and leave it running for days (or until it overheats).

    I once had a problem with disk space when I was using an external drive that was formatted to a windows filesystem that could only handle 4Gb file sizes. I could not work out why it kept saying the disk was full when there was lots of space. Probably not your problem (since you are a smarter win guy than me) but I mention it anyway.

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