I’m glad I waited

As everyone already knows by now, Google officially annouced the Nexus One Cellphone yesterday. They even said it would be coming to Verizon Wireless in the spring. Add to that Motorola rumored to be releasing a keyboard-less Droid on VZW as well makes me fairly excited.

I’ve had the opportunity to play with the Droid over the Christmas Holiday. And I really like it. I like the UI, the way it feels, the way it works. All that said, I don’t like the keyboard, don’t want the keyboard and, at least on that phone, don’t need the keyboard. One of the reasons I’m watching CES coverage closely this year.

We know that I’ve been using the Blackberry for a bit more than a year. I like the Blackberry because it’s a great communication tool. It has great call quality and for email and messaging, most would agree, it can’t be beat. However, it doesn’t do web. Ok, that’s a lie because it does have a “browser”, but it isn’t any good. It’s slow, barely supports HTML4 and the screen is really too small to be useful.

The only problem I have with this batch of new phones is that I am stuck without the ability for a cheap upgrade until 2011 due to issues with Blackberry Storm. So I’m going to start setting cash aside so I can upgrade when the selection of Droid devices increases at my local VZW store.

Or, do I save that money for a few more months to possibly get an iPhone?. I still don’t see this as happening but really would like to be surprised, which I also don’t see happening. Can you imagine if Apple were to announce a VZW iPhone for the summer? Sales would stop at VZW while people waited. Pretty sure that isn’t going to happen.

So, I’m holding out until March. More as it becomes available.

By Don

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  1. Thanks CJ. Saw that earlier this morning and then proceeded to quietly sob into my coffee when I saw what I pay to Verizon every 2 years.

  2. My iphone contract is up in a week or two, seriously tempted to jump onto the Google Phone, though that would mean carrying an iPod again. It’s a good time to be in the market.

  3. I really, really, really wished they would pull out the “ta da!” card at the last second to give 3G on AT&T’s band, but that just wasn’t to be. This would be a great phone to swap sims with my iPhone. That said, I hope it does well. After all, the better the phones are now, the better they’ll be in the future.

  4. Thanks for chiming in George!

    This phone, from what I understand, will work on AT&T, but only over edge. No 3G since the radio works at the wrong frequency. Rogers Canada has the same problem.

    Reports are saying that their might be an AT&T version by summer. Keep an eye out.

  5. Honestly, I say if you can wait until 2011 do it…

    Verizon’s supposed to switch on LTE in 2011 and I think that’s the bandwagon you want to be on. The Verizon iPhone rumors that I think are the most credible are the ones that say that the first iPhone to come to Verizon will be an LTE version..

    Plus unlike Verizon’s CDMA, LTE is a global standard so you’ll have a phone you can use the next time MINI invites you overseas….

  6. I’ve thought about that and read about it. From what I understand, the LTE rollout is going to take 1-2 years for the major metro areas. I would guess another 1-2 for full coverage.

    As I don’t plan on moving to a major metro any time soon, I’m good. I’ll worry about LTE in 2012 or 2013. Meanwhile, no way am I going to be the only person still using a Blackberry.

    1. @brad – I did see that. Looks like a cool phone my son would like to use. The problem is that one, like the other ‘droid phones, will probably require an expensive data plan. Seems like a waste on something that will be referred to as a ‘texting’ phone I think.

      But I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  7. Soon after obtaining the BACKFLIP within the mail I was happy yo know I could update the new firmware. I missed the rush, and it was lucky. I’ve had the Backflip for around a month a number of details three or 4 crashes in the 30 days not negative for 15-20 apps open New WIFI things, plus a larger edge dada than previous Nokia E61 and N93 Wonderful that the BACKFLIP has a flex keyboard, the screen is really a bit tough within the edges. You get 500 messages per day from Twitter, Facebook, Yaho, and who actually else yopu want. If you might have 30-60 true pals, that is a wonderful telephone if you have much more it’s going to grab as well very much information. Just a 30 days but a excellent telephone.

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