I’m getting better

After taking a few days off from work last week, plus yesterday (spent almost entirely with the lass), today and tomorrow, I think I’m just about good to go. All of my sidejobs are paying up which is a nice added bonus, the lad’s mom will be continuing her treatment at a location other than my house by the end of the week and things seem to be going well with the lass.

Sidejobs? Oh yea, I know I mentioned them, but just in case…there is the SoCal Viper Club website (see previous post) and a few week ago I went down to Cottonwood Cover Resort & Marina (where it’s always a better day!) and did a WHOLE bunch of work for them, least of which being the introduction of a 1/2 of the new T-1 brought down by the phone company into the network.

It went very well for the most part until I started loading up patches on 2 of the Win2K machines that run the reservation system. Seems the lackey’s that do the dev for them know there is an issue with one of the patches, but fuck if they know exactly which one it is. So, I had to uninstall a whole bunch of ’em until everything started working again and then I turned automatic updates off. The best part? Doing some work on Mom’s machine at her desk, which is in the front part of the trailer that houses Dad’s office (no, it’s actually pretty nice) and Dad screams up “Don! What the fuck did you do to my computer!?!” Thinking he’s really mad or something, I immediately go over to find out what’s wrong.

You see, Mom & Dad were still part of the AOL dial-up generation. Hell, Mom would still be using floppies too if I hadn’t introduce them to zip drives. Some day they might even start burning CD’s too. Baby steps. Anyway, I digress.

I get over to Dad’s desk and he is absolutely blown away that he was able to send 3 emails, two of which had attachements, in less than 30 seconds. He thought that was neater ‘an fake knees, something he actually knows something about. Then I broke the news to him about the new high speed internet will actually save him time company wide on those people that are actually sending email as part of their daily duties. He asked how much and cried bullshit when I told him close to 5 hours a day! He’ll see soon enough.

And, since I’m just on ramble mode anyway, have you taken a minute to check out the greatness that is becoming Robot Shuffle? I mean, really. A forum, a photo gallery, blog with miniblog, The Bad Blogs and latest edition The Lab. Oh yea, plus jSchwa is now sharing his Garage Band tracks with us. They are totally worth checking out too by the way, especially his newest. Very cool stuff.

Ok, that’s all for now. And damn if I didn’t think of something else already!

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