I’m back!

I’m sure most of you have already noticed, especially if you are following my Viddler or Flickr. Not as many photos as I would have liked, but lots and lots of video! If you aren’t interested in the videos, at least check out the Vegas Stig interview. It’s short and I think pretty funny. Heck, Josh even linked it up, so you know it has to be good!

Vegas was Vegas. No hookers as is the norm during AMVIV which is ok because there isn’t any time for them anyway.

There were, however, lots and lots of MINIs! And I do mean lots. I think there were about 700 on the upper three decks of Palace Station on Saturday night. Over 1100 registered attendees, 227 MINIs on the strip during the cruise and almost 600 peeps at the Banquet. It. Was. Huge! If you missed it, don’t do that again.

Otherwise just trying to get back on track. Spent Monday working on video and clearing my inbox and catching up on sleep. Oh, and I upgraded 2 sites to WP v2.5, the rest coming later today. I think I like it, but there are a few minor things I’m not a fan of. Watch for the complete review later this week or early next.

I’ve got a new video hour processing right now and will have that up shortly. Besides getting that back, I’m going to endeavour to get back on track with the words and photos. I was disappointed with the number of photos I took (not enough) and I really want to get back to doing that again. And my typing skills are starting to form a solid layer of rust that I need to scrape off.

Basically you can watch for w(t)f to return to it’s normal, pre-The Flip ways very soon.

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