I’m back on Windows, kinda

For the past 12 months I have been highly recommending to anyone that would listen to upgrade their Windows Vista Machine to Windows 7 without actually using it as a daily driver myself. I’ve since been able to spend some quality time with Windows 7 on a fairly decent Dell PC and I don’t really like it.

What I don’t like about Windows 7

Maybe I’ve been running on the Mac for too long. Maybe Windows 7 is **that** much different that Windows XP. Whatever the reason, there are a few things about Windows 7 that are bothering me. Oddly enough, it’s the same kinds of issues I had with OS X when I first started using it.

I do want to start by saying that the keyboard in the picture above, which is the keyboard I’m using to write this post, is the worst thing I have ever had to use. The keys require about 20lbs of pressure to activate and the spacing is weird. As I type this keyboard is actually causing pain in my left wrist. Odd, since Dell boards are usually much more user friendly.

One of the things I got used to with Window XP was taskbar notifications. Task bar icons were large and really lit up when something was happening to grab your attention. On Windows 7, it’s barely noticeable.

Windows 7 (and Windows Vista) has a much better interface when using alt-tab to navigate through open windows, including the desktop in the loop. But for whatever reason, I’m finding it unweidy compared to Windows XP. Maybe it’s because I’m keeping too many windows open since they all live under a single icon in the task manager. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t seem to work as well as I had hoped.

Finally to list under things I don’t like, whose idea was it to allow the right click menu to grow until almost a full page height? There isn’t a file in existence anywhere where I need 40 options of crap to deal with it.

This all really could be me. The machine I’m working on had a user account that I inherited from someone else, and I haven’t had the time to go in and create my own. Maybe, after I do that, things will change.

No changing this damned keyboard tho. I’m just waiting until there is an extra $30 in the budget to pick up an extra Apple keyboard to use instead.

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  1. +1 i can’t stand win7 either. the networking properties are a pain to find, especially when using it as an entrainment system on my TV. i hate the single window tabs on the task bar and the system tray is a pain too. M$ should have just copied OS X entirely, paid the lawsuit and got it over with. this half assed attempt at being like an apple OS is pointless. WinXP 4evah.

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