I would have thought this to be faster

More on the seemingly neverending saga about my media drive.


It’s working right now on both USB and Firewire which is a good thing, but with limited functionality. I at least have access to the files, which is most important.

I’m in the process of moving those files off of it and on to my backup drive. Of course I had to erase my backup drive first since it’s only 250GB and it was full. Once that was done, I picked the 146 most important GB from the media drive and started the copy. After about 4 hours is what you see there, and it started at over 80 hours. I’m hoping for the copy to be done by morning.

Once the copy is done, I will then reformat that drive (none of that silly fat32 this time either) and start the process all over again, this time copying everything off of the small drive onto the newly formatted large drive. Then another erase on the small drive and reactivating SuperDuper and Time Machine.

One of these days when the budget allows I will either…

  • Add a 1TB external to my array and use as a master backup for the backup drive and the media drive
  • Save a little bit longer and get a Drobo

Either way, I got lucky and am really only loosing a little bit of time. As I’ve said again and again, don’t let this happen to you! Make sure you have good backups of your important files. If possible, make sure you have a backup for the backup as well. You can never be too careful. The more redundant your data is, the less of a chance that you will loose any or all of it.

I do believe our good friend Uk Paul has said it pretty well on twitter.

Twitter / Paul Sanders: too many people I know hav...

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