iPhone 4s Pre-Ordered

My first iPhone will be delivered a week from today according to the email I received from Verizon Wireless. Yes, I ordered from them, why not? I will probably be getting the extra Apple care bit too, mostly because I can be a bit of a spaz sometimes.

Time for the app recommendations. Pick 2 and leave them in the comments below!

**UPDATE** – Just checked my order status. I was originally supposed to get this on the 14th. Status has been updated with a delivery date of the 21st. Tech sites are all reporting that the 4s sold like crazy (AT&T is reporting 200k units sold before noon) and the Apple Store is reporting a ship date of 1-2 weeks.

**UPDATE 2** – Earlier today I received my tracking number from FedEx which confirmed that I should be receiving my iPhone Friday before 3:00PM MNT (AZ).

By Don

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  1. I second the Starbucks rec, it’s one of my most used apps.

    — Byline – for my news reader
    — Kindle – for my books
    — Slacker – for my music

    I have a ton of apps and these are the ones I use the most (aside from the basics like mail, safari, camera, etc)

  2. I can’t just list two! My most used apps though, are Things and Evernote. Things is spendy and with reminders now for iOS5, I’m not sure I will need it anymore. So you can probably skip using Things all together.

    Another fave, App Shopper. It notifies you when apps go on sale, so if there’s an app you want, but don’t want to pay 5$ for, you can watch for the price to drop and snag it when the price becomes 99 cents.

  3. Weather: AccuWeather, WeatherChannel
    Music: Spotify (if you have the premium account), Pandora, Google Music web app
    Social: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, WordPress, Reddit
    Utilities:Dropbox, Quora, Remote, Cards, Simplenote, Reeder, Instapaper
    Navigation: TomTom, Find My Friends, Find iPhone
    Video: Netflix, Redbox, Twit, iMovie
    Games: Plants versus Zombies, Contre Jour

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