I haz cool phone

Today was the big day. Verizon Wireless **finally** released the Blackberry Storm into the wild and I wanted to check it out and, quite possibly buy one.

Which I did. But I don’t have it.

You see, it would appear that Verizon took a page out of the Apple playbook and only had 18 units delivered to my local store. They sold out by 8:00a. This is ok since I ended up getting a smokin’ deal!

The price for this new gadget is listed at $249 with a mail in rebate of $50. Since they were out of stock when I get there, they had an inconvenience fee of -$50, plus free overnight shipping. Plus, since they were out of stock and since I am what they call a VIP customer, I still get the rebate, but now it’s in store. No activation fee or anything else either.

This means that I ended up buying a new Blackberry Storm to have as my very own for only $149.00. Or, to put another way, the first 3 months of my data plan are covered. Not too shabby, not too shabby at all.

There is a chance I could get it on Saturday, but that is highly unlikely. Monday or Tuesday look like the day.

More when it arrives.

**Update**: Looks like I got in just in time.

By Don

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  1. My RaZR battery swelled and practically exploded about 2 years ago, so I’ve been rockin’ the lgEnV.

    I guess I need to keep all y’all in the loop on my personal tech more. 😉

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