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For the last 6 months or so I’ve been going back and forth on my next computer purchase. As I’ve mentioned before, I like 2 machines. 1 that is mobile that I can keep small, light and having only what I need to have while I’m mobile. And the other for my desk which holds all of my media (music, photos, video) and does everything the mobile machine does.

I haven’t had that. Not since my PC died in early ’07, shortly after I got the MacBook. And, while the MacBook is a great little _mobile_ machine, it just doesn’t have the horsepower I need for doing other things. As it turns out, there are a few other issues I have with it as well.

So I’ve been watching the refurb shop at the Apple store for a 20″ iMac (the good one, not the low-end model), a 24″ iMac and a 15″ MacBook Pro. After my last trip, I’ve made my decision.

15″ MacBook Pro.

This came to me as I was trying to edit video on the road on the 13″ MB screen and watching as iMovie brought the machine to a smoking, screeching halt and declared 200+ minutes to export a 15 minute long video. No good that. Also I got the chance to check one out in person at that ginormous Apple store in Boston. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it.

So, when the time comes, I will get a 15″ MBP for my desk. Run it off the juice with the battery removed (if I can) and use it mobile when I need the extra power.

Something else that I discovered after last week was just how cool the iPhone was. Every day during MTTS it saved our asses no less than twice, and some days more often than that. Whether it was finding the nearest Starbucks or giving us directions from point a to point b, just have access to Google Maps, even as slow as it is over EDGE, was a godsend!

Now, I’m not going to do anything foolish like drop Verizon and go to AT&T. Besides not liking AT&T, the coverage, where I spend most of my time, is crap. And, since it’s the only phone I carry, I like it to work all the time.

What I’m actually hoping to be able to do is get my MBP sometime before Apple stops that student special so I can also get an iPod Touch. Um, sure, it’s, um, for teh lad. Yea, that’s the ticket!

All of which hinges, directly or not, on my getting work. Don’t forget, I am for hire! Feel free to pass along my contact info and whatnot to anyone that you think could benefit from my skills.

Ok, back to processing one more video. Then, and only then, will this round of MTTS be done!

By Don

Lead bottle washer at donburnside.com, host at whiteroofradio.com and tech guru for the MotoringFile family of sites.


  1. The Valley heat must be going to my head – I swear I read that db had something positive to say about the iPhone. More fans, I need more fans!!

    Good luck with the job search.

  2. Good choice! Oreder from the online store (they have an online education store) and custom configure it with a 7200 rpm drive. You will notice a difference.

  3. DB, to the derision of many I bought an iPod Touch for my wife last Christmas and it has been exactly what she needed. Her preference is for a flip-style, small form factor phone, so the Touch has been the perfect companion.

    Don’t listen to the “iPhone is the only way to go” groupies — the Touch is vastly underrated.

  4. DB–

    You probably know this, but the MBP is long overdue for an update. The latest rumors peg a possible release date linked to some new Intel chips coming online in August (which is what I’m waiting for.) If you’re looking for refurbs, that might be a good time to buy as well.


  5. Oh yeah, I have a 16gb iPod Touch (I have a verizon blackberry 8800 through work, so I couldn’t justify an iPhone.) I love my Touch. It is a fantastic little machine.


  6. Thanks vin. I’m pretty much forced into waiting and I think August/September will be my time frame.

    And I think the touch will be in my future. Thanks again everyone!

  7. I agree vin- the mbp is definitely due for an update. Another thing to think about- are you planning on hooking it up to an external monitor at home? If not, you might want to consider the 17″ giant..it’s still portable (sorta) but will offer you some extra screen real estate.

  8. I thought about the 17″, but I do have a 20″ widescreen panel here at home, it’s very expensive (even in the refurb shop) and too big to actually be portable.

    Would be nice to use in a dual monitor setup tho. Something I will have to think about.

  9. My only gripe on the touch. Apple keeps bending touch owners over. We had to pay for the apps that iPhone owners got free. We’ll have to pay for iPhone OS 2.0

    It’s getting a bit old.

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