I Didn’t Know Steve

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I never met Steve Jobs. Never saw him speak in person, never attended an event that he presided over. I’m not even a Apple fan boy, but am enthusiastic about their products. Up until the announcement of Steve’s passing, I was very excited about ordering my first iPhone.

This morning I’m driving into work in a car that is favored by Apple enthusiasts, listening to podcasts created by Apple enthusiasts on Apple computers thru my iPod. But, instead of being excited about ordering my first iPhone tonight, something is wrong. There is an absense in the force.

That feeling you get when something is not right, something is missing. It is strong with me today. I’ve worked in and around technology all my life, technology that was influenced or created by Steve. My first computer was an Apple IIe. I learned to program Apple basic and SuperCalc on Apple II’s in high school. 2 skills that helped me immensely through my 20’s.

Eventhough I was a Windows guy for a while, I still coveted Apple products. My first computer on my own was almost a Apple Performa. I’ve used iTunes since it was released, got my first iPod shortly after they were supported under Windows. And I’ve always used a mouse.

Steve Jobs is the reason you are reading this now. If it wasn’t for Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, personal computers wouldn’t be what they are today. If you are reading this on an iPhone or Android device, you can thank Steve Jobs for that, too.

Something is missing today.

Around the internet many people have many nice things to say or share about Steve. Check out Wired.com for some nice tributes. John Gruber, the boys from Panic Software and Andy Inhatko all have nice memories and stories to read too.

Things will be different from today going forward. While I don’t doubt that Apple will continue to create fantastic devices that we will talk about, dream about and covet, they won’t be _quite_ the same.

By Don

Lead bottle washer at donburnside.com, host at whiteroofradio.com and tech guru for the MotoringFile family of sites.

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