I can haz cool phone?

For the longest time I’ve read, heard and watched (and been overly annoyed by) about the Apple Telephone Product. For a time, I was even trying to figure out a way I could possibly have the Jesus phone in my own possession.

Then the G1 came out. Not being a T-Mobile customer, I was again denied access to one of the coolest gadgets released.

Not any longer my friends.

Blackberry finally released the Storm. And there is a rumor that it will be available within the next week. This could mean I **might** be able to finally have a cool phone. Sweet!

Now, before you Apple Phone Product fanbois start bashing on the crackberry, lets have a look at the list of features, k?

  • Touchscreen with SurePress. Ok, so it’s not the same but reports are that it works pretty good
  • It’s a Global phone. That means besides working on CDMA networks, it also has a SIM slot so I can use it pretty much where ever I want.
  • Full HTML browser that I’m sure isn’t as good as Safari but it does support flash (I think).
  • Turn-by-turn navigation. Sure it’s subscription, but it’s cheap and works great
  • Audio and video playback
  • 3.2MP (with flash) camera for snaps and video
  • Tethering support via cable or bluetooth
  • All of the other Blackberry bells and whistles, including cut and past I’m pretty sure.

All of this for the paltry price of a rumored $199 – $220 price. Not too shabby, not too shabby at all.

No app store yet, but as soon as there is I’m sure Verizon will capitalize on that and charge double (or more) for comparable apps that you would find in the app store for the Jesus phone.

Release date is rumored to be November 17th. Hopefully I be able to check one out.

In case you missed the commerical that has been on every channel for the last couple of nights.

Follow along at one of my new favorite sites, Everythingberry.com or get the full spec over at Verizon Wireless.

By Don

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