I can fix it

I’ve been a mending machine lately. The odd part is that I have always considered myself to very much less than technical. Shows what I know.

So far this year (that I remember), I have:

  • Replaced the fuel pump in my MINI
  • Helped install a new kitchen stove
  • Replaced the Belt on my dryer
  • Changed the spark plugs in the MINI
  • Replaced the entire bezel assembly on Mom’s HP Laptop
  • A few more things that aren’t coming to me right now

Like I said, I don’t consider myself very handy. I mean, I can do many things, but I always had a problem with the level of patience required for some jobs. If it exceeded what I thought I was comfortable, then I shipped it offshore to let people that do it every day take care of it.

Maybe it’s age. Maybe it’s that I don’t have the money to pay for repairs. Maybe it’s the level of satisfaction one gets after completely such tasks. Whatever it is, I kinda like it.

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