I am Surrounded by Old

I write this today on my Grandfathers 82nd birthday. Last week my Grandmother turned 80. I’m working with film reels that were made in the early 50’s. I have over 200 tracks in iTunes right now that were made before 1955.

I’m sure you would agree, that is quite a bit of old.

Besides all of that, it would appear that I have also turned into the family archivist. I have a Great Grandmother that is 99 and turns 100 in March. Consensus is that she **might** not make it to 100, so I have been gathering photos and scanning them to get ready for the eventual day when they will be needed for the funeral.

It’s not that I mind so much. It is that I am starting to forget what ‘new’ is like.

Maybe not entirely.

  • I do have a new bank account
  • I did make a new version of my resume
  • This is a new post
  • I have a few pairs of new underwear
  • I have seen all of the new episodes of Heroes and Chuck

I have recently removed all of the old music from my iPod. I’m almost done dealing with the **old** video. I only have a few more old photos to go through and scan.

I’m hoping in a few weeks time I will be able to work on new stuff again. I’m getting pretty tired of the old.

If you are tired of reading about the old, click over to my flickr where I have posted a few new pictures (much like the one above).

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