HTML5: Here we go again

Enough about the damned Droid already, or, not.

Besides the Android devices and the iPhones, there are now almost another 1,000,000 of you using Apple’s latest device, the iPad. Big screen, touch interface, all that. Spare me the words on it’s brilliance, I’ve already read them.

I want all y’all to be able to consume all that I can possibly create and post online. That is the primary reason I switched from using Viddler for my personal video blogs to YouTube. Sure, Viddler has the cool, customizeable player, but the videos don’t play on portable devices (or, low power devices like Netbooks).

It is also the reason why I’m playing with HTML5 for audio playback. And it seems to work great! Except in Firefox and on the Droid (at least not on mine). Firefox is a pain because the Mozilla Foundation is a bunch of hard core open source folks that have decided not to support MP3 playback due to licensing concerns. I get that. And, if time allowed, I would happily create an OGG version of the show. But, time doesn’t allow.

So, the battle begins.

While I can get an HTML5 audio player to work fantastic in Safari/Mobile Safari and Chrome, I only get an ugly brown box in FireFox, unless I use a handy script that automatically rolls out a Flash player for Firefox. Sweet, except on Android it shows an ugly “you need flash” message since the browser on Android, from what I can tell, does not yet support the HTML5 Audio tag.

I’m working on doing this using some browser detection and scripting, but wouldn’t it be nice if it worked. Why can’t we all just get along, support what the users want and make things easy. Why do I have to continue to jump through hoops to get this done? I feel this is going to be the next IE6 vs. Everything Else, causing innovation to slow while a giant pissing contest over whatever happens occurs.

Here goes nothing.

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