How Much Happy

Twitter / db: odd...I only have 39 songs ...

Not relating to anything to else that I have posted here in the last few days days. Honest!

I was working on the film transfer edit and was wondering if I had a happy birthday song. Instead of looking for that, I only searched for _happy_. The results are above.

Then Josh replied that he only had 7, and I got a reply on Facebook that only had 5.

I thought this could be a fun little game we could play. How much happy is in your music? Mac users, bust out skitch and make a fun badge, like this.


Come on, let us know!

By Don

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  1. Apparently I fail at href markup.

    Sad outnumbers happy by one for me. And somehow in the six hours my library decreased by 29 tracks. Going to have to look into that.

  2. >Hey how come DB gets to use and I don’t?

    You missed the post about me being King Shit around these parts didn’t you? hehe

    I linked up the graphic for ya man. Chris’ too.

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