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So, following Josh’s suggestion of surfing random pages from blogger’s home page and found something that I thought was interesting and really am already in the processing of doing.

Who says that blogger/MT/greymatter/b2 templates can only be for ‘blogs?

Why not use a blog system as a content management system? I’m actually working on this right now. It’s perfect for updating a single or multiple pages. It’s cheap. Hosting is cheap and you don’t need anything more than an installation of perl or php to make it run. It doesn’t require any coding beyond basic HTML for the page layout and template markers.

Now, while I would rather use something like Cold Fusion, PHP or ASP to do some of these sites in, the biggest hurdle is getting these small business to cough up the funds needed for hosting. The next would be my lack of ASP and php skills, and the solid layer of rust now forming on my CF skills.

Speaking of the good lad Josh’s new hobby, he has created an outlet for his findings. Badblogs, much like inpassing grabs just the most random posts from the most random blogs he finds. Granted they are usually poor, but in that is where the humor is. You should really check it out.

I’m not going mention politics other than to say that Dean does a killer impersonation of Beavis.

Superbowl Sunday coming up, and most excited about the new Pepsi commercial. I really wished I got that game

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