How I knew I left California

or how db knew he was in west Texas

  1. Every other car was not a BMW
  2. Two words…Frontage roads
  3. Stars. No, not the Hollywood kind. Those little bits of light in the night time sky
  4. Cars on the road next to me at any given time = 0
  5. Lots of folks sayin’ y’all
  6. Deer. On the side of the road. Or. Walking around.
  7. Talk radio based in Oklahoma.
  8. Lots of livestock
  9. Town = approx. 2K people. Big town = approx. 4k people
  10. How far did you say it was to Mexico?

More later, but you kinda get the idear…

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  1. Digging the green, but…

    Running Firefox on Win98 (Welcome to my hell) the header title is a little wonky. Doesn’t line up with the right of the content box, sticking out to the side and creating a scrollbar, depending on the window width.

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