Honey, I’m home

Back safe and sound from MINI United and I’ve got a ton of things to get done today. Keep an eye out for more photos, video and whatever else I can find.

Oh yea, I met Drill. You guys didn’t. That means I am officially better than all of you, because Michael is a total rock star!

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  1. “…Michael is a total rock star!”
    Says the man with groupies, stalkers, etc. But my ego appreciates the boost, so thanks 😉

    @ Patricia: I wasn’t REALLY gonna lick him… but he didn’t know that and look at him, rock solid in the face (or ear) of adversity, lol 🙂

  2. Well, SOMEONE had to (in a normal, non-threatening manner that is, lol) After all, Todd was too busy talking Macbooks and iPhones with Rauno Aaltonen (which was a surreal conversation, let me tell you)

  3. iPhones and Macbooks – of course probably the only the two things I could have had an intelligent conversation with Rauno about and I wasn’t even there… sheesh!

  4. You would have done much better than me Michael, lol. Rauno was blowing me away with his knowledge, he said something along the lines of… ‘for your profession, it’s enough to just go through the motions, but when it’s your hobby and you’re passionate about something, you want to learn every detail.’ Pretty deep stuff 🙂

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