Grandparents are Funny

Doing another video project for my Grandfather brought me back to the beach house yet again today. Mom tagged along as well so she could take Grandma shopping.

Activities for the day complete, Mom and I make dinner. Grilled Halibut with corn on the cob plus some watercress lighty dressed with my vinegrette. Yes, it was good.

Anyway, the conversation turned to my Grandmother talking about one of their friends having Alzheimers.

G’ma: I heard so and so has Alzheimers.

G’pa: Who did you hear that from?

G’ma: I don’t remember

Everyone: ROFL

We know that Alzheimers isn’t funny, but in this particular context it was.

I’ve got video coming later in the week that I think you might enjoy as well. Watch for it!

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