Goodbye Blackberry

Since November, 2008, I have been a Blackberry user. Started off, sadly, with the Storm. After going through 5 of them, Verizon Wireless hooked a brutha up with an Upgrade to the Tour. And, for almost the last year it has been a pretty ok device.

Until the 5.0 upgrade came out this morning.

Besides being a Blackberry user, I’m also a Mac user as most of you know. Blackberry isn’t really a phone for mac users so much, but there have always been work-arounds for backing up and syncing. Finally, RIM released a native Mac Blackberry Manager that has been working ok.

I read that the 5.0 upgrade is available, plug the Tour into my Mac and get the message that says there is an update available. I check all of the right boxes for backing up the device prior to the reload and select the correct options for the reload and set it loose.

First pass I ended up with a completely bricked phone, getting the dreaded 507 error. Ok, no worries I think, I’ll just run the update again. This time it goes through and the phone reboots like it is supposed and everything appears to be in order.

Except everything was gone. Apps. Contacts. Tasks. Memos. All gone.

No worries, I think. **I have a backup**.

Which, in reality, I didn’t. I restored the backup and lost about 20 contacts, all text messages, all apps, all tasks and all memos. None of them came over.

So I tried again. Zero. Nip. Nada. Nothing.

I repeated this 2 more times in hopes that the backup wasn’t restoring correctly. It was. The problem it seems is that the backup wasn’t complete. Normally, no major deal except that in the group of contacts that I lost were about a dozen that I collected during AMVIV that had the potential to be valueable.

I was a little more than a little upset. I called support to report the problem, knowing I’m a Mac user and knowing that RIM builds phones that are best used with Windows. My guy was ready to jump through firey hoops and over aligator pits for me too, getting RIM on the phone, the whole bit. I was on my way out the door, so I didn’t have the 2 hours that was going to take.

And, the more I thought about this latest issue with the Blackberry, the more pissed I got. To get my phone back to where it was before hand is going to take me an entire day of clearing, reloading, reinstalling and re building synchronizations. Not this time.

Instead, my next call was to VZW Customer Service. Again, a very professional person on the line to help me. I explanined to here my issues with the Blackberry (that she could see on the screen) and my frustrations with VZW in general since they do not sell a device that has decent Mac support.

So I tell her that by the end of the day I’m no longer going to be a Blackberry user. To that end, I asked her to give me a reason not to go the AT&T store for an iPhone. She asked what I wanted, I told her a Moto Droid at the upgrade price, she put me on hold to talk with her supervisor.

And I will be an Android User in about 2 days time.

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  1. heh, just use the magic word: “iPhone”. hope the droid treats you right, bro. a buddy of mine at work has a nexus and android is downright awesome.

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