Good Design?

Now that I have FireFox back, I made a huge mistake and installed the timesuck known as the StumbleUpon tool bar. This is worse than if Flickr and YouTube were to merge into one site. No kidding.

So, I have a minute or 10 to waste and I click the little button to see what I can see. More often than not, I end up seeing sites that look much like these.


What is the first thing you see (besides the blacked out logos, URLs and titles)? Ads. Lots and lots of ads. Notice too that I’m viewing at 1024×768 (still the most popular resolution for those using square displays). Is there any content on these sites? Do you see any?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about making a few bucks from ads. Really, I am. In fact, about all that I make is a few bucks from the only site that currently has any ads. Barely above the fold at this resolution, but they are there. Maybe that’s why I only make a few bucks.

Honestly, if this is what it takes to generate ad revenue on a website that gets less than 15k unique visitors a month, then count me out. I always thought that the main reason for having a website was to display content for people to read, listen to or watch. Not to display ads.

I knew there was a reason for me being poor. sheesh.

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