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Recently posted at wtf was this snippet.

>Recently, a new customer bought $20,000 worth of wine from Vaynerchuk. Many businesses would call and thank that customer. Or send the person some free wine. But Vaynerchuk did something else. He went on Twitter and found out that this customer was a huge Chicago Bears fan. So he sent him a Jersey signed by his favorite Bears player. It is this type of interaction, Vaynerchuk believes, that will thrive in the evolving business landscape.


You can click through to the whole article, but for our purposes today, this is the relevant piece.

This past weekend was spent travelling. From Phoenix to Milwaukee by plane via Southwest Airlines. From Milwaukee to Great Lakes, Illinois by car, via Enterprise Rental Cars. I use both of these services since I think they provide great service and value (and I really like how easy Southwest makes it to fly).

I booked my car about 2 weeks in advance. Got a great rate on a Ford Focus. A little more than $40 for the weekend. When I checked out the car, I also opted for the navigation rental. Sure $11 is a bit spendy, but in saved agrivation and frustration, especially when I drive at night, it was money well spent. Add in the fuel charge (they were about $.20 per gallon cheaper than the street), I was expecting to pay about $120 or so for the entire weekend of car rental.

Imagine my shock when I got my bill at the end of the week for $238. 5 times more than the contracted rate, double what I was expecting. Bonus, I was running late for my flight, so I didn’t have the time to go back to the main desk and bring my concerns to the manager. The problem I had was that I was charged for services that I signed for, but wasn’t told what the charges would be. Primarily for the damage waiver ($22/day) and insurance ($12/day).

Wednesday morning I finally got the chance to address this. Since I was at work, my only option was to use the customer service contact form at the Enterprise website. My thinking was that I would get the process started there, and follow up by phone when I wasn’t contact via email or phone.

Until later Wednesday my phone rang. It was the manager from the MKE location. He pulled up my record, I explained to him my problem and that I new it was entirely my fault since I signed and initialed everything. He said he would do what he could to help me out and did exactly that. Reversing the charges for both the insurance and the damage waiver.

Even after I told him I was at fault. Without making a fuss, without being questions. 5 minutes after getting on the call, the reversal was in progress and he was wishing me a good day. No fuss, no muss.

That, my friends, is how it’s done. And, why I will continue to use Enterprise for my rental car needs. They do it right!

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  1. That only confirms my already long-established loyalty to Enterprise. I have never had a bad car, a dirty car, a smelly smoking car, or been “wrenched-up” to an unexpected rate by them. (You don’t have to get the insurance–your own car insurance will cover your rental.) They have always had things ready as expected. And, in fact, 15 years ago I bought a car at their yearly sale–a slightly used Corolla with low miles. I am still driving that Corolla today, and have brought it all the way across the country on many moves from California to CT. It’s about to become my son’s first car. They are definitely a reputable company.

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