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>Warner Music has bent beneath the force of the anti-DRM winds sweeping the globe. The label will now offer its complete catalog, DRM-free, through Amazon’s new MP3 store.
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>The announcement means that EMI, Universal, and Warner now offer their catalogues in DRM-free digital formats, making Sony BMG (of rootkit fame) the lone holdout among the majors. Amazon now claims to offer for than 2.9 million songs in MP3 format from over 33,000 unique labels.

More and more I find myself buying from Amazon instead of iTunes. It’s easy, the price is the same (or cheaper…did I mention all the Holiday tracks I found for free?), the quality is better and no DRM.

Did I mention that the ENTIRE Led Zepplin catalog was recently added to Amazon. Just like iTunes, but higher quality and no DRM.

I think I’ll stick with Amazon for a while. Works just fine with my iPod.


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  1. Good news for sure, but I am still yet to find much I want to download from However, this brings hope of more, and competition for iTunes is good.

  2. Hmm, wasn’t it late last year or early this year that the head of Warner Music said that they would abandon DRM “over his dead body?” Hmmm…

    While I’m excited about DRM being abandoned for music – I’m not that excited. I just don’t find myself buying much music lately, what I really want to see is DRM being abandoned for video. Even moreso with NBC and Universal pulling out of iTunes…

    Either that or Ask a Ninja needs to come out with shows a lot more often!

  3. Video? No DRM? HA! That’s won’t happen for a very long time. At least I don’t think it will.

    You will be able to rent movies from iTunes very soon tho, if that helps. And, if you can rent, I’m sure someone will figure out a way to strip the DRM off, much like they did with the PlaysForSure DRM that Yahoo and Napster used.

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