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To start, from kungfugrippe (go read the whole thing. Don’t forget!)

I’ve learned that my job is to just sit down and start making the clackity noise. If I make the clackity noise long enough every day, the “writing” seems to take care of itself. On the other hand, if there’s no clackity noise, no writing. No little stories. The stories may be in there, alongside God knows what else, but there’s no way to know. You must make the noise.

Sure that makes a ton of sense, right? I mean, you will never get anything written unless you actually put fingers to keyboard, pixels to screen. Even if it sucks, you still need to make the sound. Right?

Let’s broaden that a little shall we. Beyond the realm of writing. Beyond the technical aspect. Beyond the internet even (gasp!). I would think it goes a little something like this.

To get something done, you have to do something.

Did you get that? That’s ok, give it a minute. The lightbulb will appear soon enough.

You have to do stuff. Not think about stuff. Not make lists of stuff to do.
Not make excuses about why you didn’t get stuff done. DO. Got it?

Now, you might have to make a list to get the stuff you need to get done organized. And sure, you might have to think about stuff a little. The next step, and this is key, is to actually do something.

Everyday I hear people making excuses for all manner of things. Hell, I even make the same excuses. The problem with excuses (other than the obvious) is that they don’t accomplish a thing.

That’s not entirely true.

They do accomplish making you feel like you aren’t getting anything done. They do cause you to beat yourself up because you aren’t getting things done. And, this is big, they keep you from actually getting stuff done.

You have to do stuff to get stuff done.

I’ve been doing this myself. It’s taking more than a little relearning on my part.

This might come as a surprise to some of you, but I am one of the least organized people on the planet. That being said, one of my best skills is helping others to be more organized. Be more streamlined in their own workflow. Do less work, get more done. All that.

So now I have a new customer. Me. I’m re-examining everything I do. I’m re-doing everything I’ve done one way, trying to do them a better way. And, yes, I am doing.

Because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t get anything done.

I am still actively looking for more work, so please keep that in mind during your day. kthxbye.

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