Gadgets that Changed the World

Crunch Gear has posted the top 101 Gadgets that have changed the world. In alphabetical order no-less.

I’ll save you the hassle. The iPhone didn’t make the cut.

So, can we stop with the ‘greatest invention of mankind’ now?

Thank you.

By Don

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  1. What, the Jesus Phone didn’t make the cut??!!?!?! How could it be that the phone that solved world hunger, world peace and restored a sense of childlike wonder to adults lives around the galaxy? Oh wait, that’s the second version that includes 3G, holds more than 8 gigs, allows third party apps, and is unlocked….

    Other beef’s with the list-
    The CD? No. The record or magnetic tape which allowed music to be recorded, sure. The casette tape which allowed music to be truly portable (sorry 8 tracks only brought recorded music to the car) or even Digital Audio Players which have thrown the music industry on their ear…

    SMS makes the list – but not the Telegraph?

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