fun with bable fish

Boy, if this is not the most f’ed up utility on the internet (well, at least the way I use it).

Translated my last post from Portugese to English and back, then I translated that to Japanese and back to Engrish. Are you ready? Here are the results:

That the first time because of everything you pass… today Mac excessively really must touch today E because of me. Being fair, G3 Powerbook whose feeling is good. But, I am earlier description, but as for that the horsefly the っ oak it was and possessed the source of supply, afternoon did not work well. Therefore, being, * the person of the computer *, I where that is needed from the original which is had in order to begin a little. That lesson of frustration is this proper it turns because of that. Approval: If fancier of one raincoat, as for the stop which it should read here the movement to lengthwise. The point which it should read perhaps and what which is the ton of post office of hatred is generated outside mijar3a. I am approved this. Therefore, I to power of machine. It is the main pipe of the desktop of the thing raincoat which the amount which is comes to those which I presume afterwards. Approval now comes in the place where it has that the rasp-cut file is found in part me. Rather than there being a knowledge of the raincoat, the delegation which is carried with the help whose many friends are small. Now partial because of amusement. Do I how begin those outside the machine? It was good, I possessed the movement of the latch to operation. I in and on estalou inserted what with the screen, but as for the format of record by mistake it was. You ask to the format in me, therefore that I follow. But 15 minutes later, it did not end process. Therefore as for me the amount where five which tries the fact that thing is found in regard to recharge continues is used. Therefore, the above-mentioned return. I think that I only 1 Web クライエント that me of those use for E-mail. Therefore I connect to the post office of inserting and Yahoo in the steering wheel of the net. But that was the original 30+, therefore the this was not a better thought. Therefore I v IE being installed, as for that me my user and AM which exactly that can do them concerning I ftp of will you think. IE of the upload which is possible to be it turns because of that, the raincoat does not have passing by large ftp, uses the rasp-cut file, it is. When I the archive do the rasp-cut file, run if you can find the practicality of the latch, as for E-mail them because of me, as for my me it is the archive simply to be possible my usual one rasp-cut file, you find, but. What? Yea of Ohio state during my venture I, once upon a time, cop3i them all rasp-cut files which you see as the stick of thing discussion are always stored it controlled. As for him what which you think that we want that, strange, but. I finally controlled in order to begin the rasp-cut file which is uploaded, but my point really it is here. If I collar is also っ and intuative or baffling you had to know really completely at times a little, the raincoat (OSX) relationship found. As for me exceeding those which are in the stick of thingy work, it could not find how many of the programs which are installed. I did not find the access to all movement of the computer under any condition, he the movement of cdrom the burner, the place very is hotly hot program age because of that, it is possible to appear and. In addition, there is no right click? It is good, that has, but the publication of the keyboard is required simultaneously. Being not to be possible, me for me remain to be I and to appear first, it brainwashed it was really appealed. It meaning IIE that I whom I in the high school stop in the rear am old, because I did not work with the product of the apple, now it goes here easily with people me of the raincoat. With when it is everything, as for me it possessed win3.1 and the luck which I support in day well. But I where the hole is bored us with PC where my legs of the donkey are inconvenient it cannot be bothered or cannot rely on and of the window which is attached Gratefulness, 1 it is slow, dbwilldo @ 8:18 p.m. [ by leaf note ]

Yea, that’s kinda close I guess huh????

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