Froyo on the Dinc

From the most ridiculous headlines department. For those scratching your head at that, Froyo is the latest released version of the Android Mobile Operating system (2.2) and Dinc is internet short hand for Droid Incredible, the phone I’m currently carrying.

Geek stuff explained, I shall continue.

Earlier this week, Verizon Wireless started pushing the 2.2 update for the Dinc. I thought I’d wait, but then I found this at Android Central and said to myself “how hard could it be?”.

And it wasn’t. Total time was about 15 minutes and it went without a hitch. And I’m very glad I did it!

First up the Dinc is now considerably faster. Places where there would a little bit of screen lag (like when scrolling through the photo gallery) are now smoother. Games open faster and perform better. Internet pages seem to open a bit faster as well.

Another bonus is the updates to the camera. The photo camera is **much** faster when taking photos and resetting. The video camera now records up to 720p.

(be sure to select the 720p option)

It’s not going to replace my Canon HF100, but for something I carry in my pocket it’s more than acceptable. I don’t think I’m going to stop using the The Flip either, since it has better sound and doesn’t suck away battery from my communication device when I use it.

Speaking of battery life, it is also better. Still not able to go a full day on a charge in the field, but I am able to go until 2 instead of 1. For sure I’m going to be picking up a 1750mah battery for this. I’m sure that will give me a solid 12 hours of my normal use, which I really need.

Other changes that I have noticed in Froyo include an update to the messaging app, making it slightly more streamlined, update to the app manager, making it super easy to move apps to the SD card or from the SD card to the phone or, or, or.

If you are running the Dinc, this update will suit you fine. If you haven’t gotten it OTA yet, follow the link above to do it yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

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