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No, not the archives here at w(t)f, but from the archives de Josh.

Specifically this post made back when the good lad actually spent a few months here with me.



>Gatorade Girl is the cute girl working at the Vaquero Mini-Mart (”Home to the same Mexican old cowboy every day since 1984″) that sells me Gatorade when I bike down the mountain. I oughtta learn her name or something…

Josh: Hmm… Instead of doing walk-ins, i might pick up both Riverside county newspapers from the Circle K and do some callin’ today.

Josh: Or maybe i’ll go to the Vaquero Mini-Mart, and buy newspapers from Gatorade Girl


DB: Yo, that might work better.

Josh: Hehe… How else am I going to establish reparte with her?

DB: “Oh, hey? Tthis is the local paper, right? What do you think about it?”

Josh: Hehe

Josh: “So, do you like farm boys? ‘Cuz i’m a farm boy, and, umm… Wanna go out?”


DB: You can take her for a ride on your bike…

DB: How romantic.

Josh: LOL

Josh: Shuttup.

DB: Have her ridin’ up on the bars or sumptin’.


Josh: She’ll ride the bars and I’ll sing her some Gregory Isaacs and we’ll ride off into the sunset…

Josh: And it’ll be all like awww yeeeah…

Josh: *Hibbity dibbity* and such.

Good times, good times. Josh even worked at the local DQ for a spell.

Oh, and the number in parens above? We will call that a count down to post number 1K here at w(t)f. Maybe happen before I pack up for MTTS. We’ll see.

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