Follow-Up: Asus Eee PC

I’ve had the chance to use this device a little bit more and wanted to jot a few things down before I forgot.

  • Battery life is excellent. Like I mentioned before, at least 4 hours of use, but it might be closer to 5.
  • The keyboard size isn’t an issue except
  • The position of the right shift key is horrible. If you aren’t a touch typist, this probably won’t be as big an issue for you, but as I am and the majority of words I capitalize start with letters that live on the left side of the keyboard, it’s a bit of a problem.
  • The screen is very good, especially for it’s size.
  • Full screen video playback from Hulu is ok, unless it’s high quality. For that, you need to be plugged into power, not running on battery. Even then, playback isn’t what you would call ideal.
  • Viddler videos do not playback at all on the Eee. Doesn’t matter if it’s plugged in or not, or if the power settings are set to max power. Playback is jerky and sound is horrible. This particularly sucks for me. I have tried YouTube and get similiar results, although not as bad. Still have yet to try Vimeo or other video sites.
  • The trackpad is almost completely unusable. The problem with it is that it is too sensitive. Barely touching it triggers a click which can, and has, caused problems in almost every application, especially the Start menu.
  • The trackpad is pretty cool otherwise. 2 and 3 finger functions that actually work, most of the time. Not bad for a Windows device. 2 finger scroll always works, 2 finger taps usually works and 3 finger taps work sometimes. But they do work.

Still a great device, but not without a few comprises in use. I have found that using a mouse whenever possible is the best course of action. As for the right shift key, I just have to think a little more before I need to capitalize any of the letters on the left.

I still want to get OS X loaded on this, but that will be slightly delayed while I save up the money for an external DVD drive. I might try dual booting Ubuntu or DSL on it, possibly from an SD Card. More on that as it happens.

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