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Before you start thinking that I followed around one of these guys, the Lancers are the name of the mascot for teh Lad’s highschool. He is, in fact, a Lancer. Hey, I was a Tiger and any of you that went to UC Santa Cruz were banana slugs, so back off.


The school started this program last year. They pick one day of the year, make it a minimum day and invite the parents along to follow their kids. No conferences with the teachers or anything like that, just a day to watch what happens at the school. it’s a great idea and I really enjoying going.

Last year the turn-out by parents was abismal. I would have to say that it appeared more parents attended this year, but there was 1 class in which I was the only parent (English) and several where I was the 2nd. It is such a great opportunity, I’m really amazed that more don’t get involved.

So, what’s it like to go back to school? I can tell you it’s much different then when I was in school, and maybe you too. Kids talk during class. It’s almost impossible to hear the teacher for the most part and they are constantly having to get the attention of the students. I also saw cell phones in class (looked at, but not used) and more than 1 white earbud going from shirt to ear. Oh yea, and dark sunglasses. Yes, in class!

His teachers all seemed capable enough. I was especially fond of his History teacher or was one of those ‘cool but strict’ teachers. He ran a great class. As opposed to his Biology teacher who spoke to the students like they were in Kindergarten and is very unclear in the assignments or notes on the board (using unexplained abbreviations is a killer everytime). I even liked his English teacher, who was on her first of year of having her own class. She did a pretty good job for a rookie and I can see her getting even better next year.

Something else that has changed since I was in school is the complete lack of desks. Not a single desk in any of the classes. Everyone sat at a table. Either a row of table facing the front of the class or pods of tables. I guess this is to encourage group work, but I saw it being more distracting than anything else.

Oh yea, he had a test in PE. An honest-to-god-bring-a-pencil test. And he had to dress out. I found that to be weird, much like the number system for taking roll call that has been around since he was in middle school.

If you are one with the affliction of children and EVER get the opportunity to follow your child around at school while it’s in session I highly recommend it. it’s a great chance to see what your kid is like when you aren’t around, how they interact with their friends and how they do in school.

And yes, the lad does very well. Thankyouverymuch.

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