Fixing IE6

I posted something like this over at pressd yesterday and, frankly, I’m astounded.

Why are you people still trying to support software that is almost 10 years old?

By supporting it, you are slowing down the migration to something better, safer and more stable. Whether its IE7 on XP/Vista or getting those last Win2K folks to migrate to Firefox, you are, in effect, encouraging people to not update.

I’m not sure when IE6 goes EOL, but it can’t happen soon enough.

As I’ve mentioned, I have pretty much already stopped supporting it. This is primarily because I don’t have anywhere to run it.

If you are stuck on IE6 (still?) for any reason, especially if it’s at your work place, it’s really time to start bugging the system admins to upgrade. Really. And, if you are stuck on Win2K, then it’s seriously time to start thinking about moving up to XP. If that’s not possible, then someone at your organization needs to research Firefox for your everyday browsing.

I know those .net guys need components in IE6 for their stuff to work, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with it for browsing.

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  1. we’re stuck at IE6 here at work because we use a pos Oracle product for expenses, time off etc that doesn’t work in IE7. Of course most everyone is on FF3 but if I need to do anything corporate I have to spark up IE for a few minutes.

  2. I loathe ie6 – but I’m stuck with it at work. Configuration Management is HUGE here – and ie7 has not been approved on the current workstation build. Part of the reason why is because work has been in progress for more than a year on a new build that includes Vista. As a result browser updates for the current image were pushed to the back burner.

    We’ve also got a lot of web based mission critical apps whose interface design could be considered questionable at best. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them break when the new image gets released. This despite being told to submit them for testing for the last several months.

    Heck some of the image testing has revealed several apps that won’t work on the new image and as a result there will be system running the old image (with ie6) several months after everybody else is migrated…

    Oh, and as for the speed of our migration process – We were one of the large enterprises told by Microsoft that they were sick of supporting NT server in 2005 and were given a year by Microsft to migrate to 2003 or loose our server support…

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