I watched the innaugural episode of Top Gear America this week. I watched it even after reading all of the reviews that completely panned it. I watched it even though I had to jump through a few hoops to actually check it out.

And yes. It wasn’t that great.

But I’m reminded of many other firsts that also weren’t that great, but went on to become great.

  • The first episode of MASH
  • The first episode of Star Trek Next Generation
  • The first episode of Seinfeld
  • The first episode of White Roof Radio
  • Bad enough for me not to watch again? No. Much like the other programs listed above, there is enough there that I find interesting, so I will be back and hope that as the lads work together more and get more in tune, that the show will improve.

    I give them props for putting that first episode on the air. Don’t think, even for a minute, that anyone is particularly proud of their first outing on anything. I know that first episode of WRR wasn’t that great, but it was a damned site better than my first podcasting attempt.

    In this world of immediate feedback on Twitter and Facebook and anyplace else you can think of, sometimes we need to sit back and remember that everything has to start _someplace_ and just because it’s not as good as something else on the first-go-round doesn’t mean that it needs to be stopped immediately. Sometimes, a little bit of time is required to get things just right.

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