First Week

I’ve been hiring my services out for a week and I must say, it’s not too bad. _Yet_.

Started the week with a laptop screen replace, a laptop hard drive replace and 2 systems that the owner wants new hard drives and power supplies installed. Sweet, hardware calls, I can do that!

Followed up with a nasty virus infection, Windows barfing on 2 DVD drives and some Skype talk, finishing with some speed issue trouble shooting resulting in a little bit of registry editing (honestly people, uninstall Real Player already) and upgrading-to-IE8-from-IE6.

Next week I’ll be checking out T1 issues at a retail store and helping out a small office to get their equipment/hardware consistent and check out the overall workflow.

Not bad for the first week. Not bad at all.

Off to brush up on my hard drive imaging skills. Been a while since I’ve done that.

By Don

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