Firefox, part II

What? you missed part 1? That’s ok, blogger ate it, so I missed it too. Anyway….

Is there some reason that you aren’t using this browser yet? Have you even tried it? Let me tell you why you should make the switch.

First of all, and this is the most important point, Firefox *is not* integrated with Windows. That means no hidden .dll’s get installed, no wacky ActiveX scrips will run and it doesn’t use MS Java. Also, it has built in pop up blocking that actually works on ALL pop ups and ad scrips. Very cool.

There is also speed. Firefox is way faster than IE or Netscape. I would have to say that it is even faster than Opera. It may take longer to start, but once it’s running, it’s blazing fast! Especially if you have broadband.

And finally, the coolest thing has got to be tabbed browsing. There are even a few extentions that improve on this and make is super duper way cool.

Compatibility is fine. The only problem is when you come up on a site that hasn’t been tested in anything other than IE. IE’s HTML rendering is fairly loose compared to Firefox, so it interprets things sometimes incorrectly. As far as technology, I haven’t found any problems on sites running CF, ASP or PHP.

Given it’s free, again I ask why haven’t you tried this yet? Give it a go. Just for a week. if you don’t like it, then at least you can say that you tried it first. Go on, download it.

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